The search for better practices, the care with transparency, and the commitment to safety compel us to obtain certificates that regulate our processes, at the same time that they add value to our businesses.


The FSSC 22000 norm is responsible for certifying food safety. It includes as well pre-requisites to the transport and storage of food, guaranteeing safety from the beginning to the end of the process. It integrates the ISO 22000, it is supported by the Confederation of Food Industries of the UE (CIAA), and it is approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (CFSI).


Bonsucro is a voluntary international certificate which aims to guarantee sustainability in the sugar and energy sector, ensuring high economic, environmental and social criterial in the entire process of sugarcane cultivation and its derivatives.


A National policy of biofuels which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The certificate involves an analysis of the environmental impact in the entire production cycle of ethanol, beginning in the field, checking various indicators of sustainability and promoting a constant improvement in the company´s energetic and environmental efficiency.